used chicago cars

A: No, I don't recommend getting a Mercedes Benz used.

Used are Mercedes are very, very expensive to repair and maintain.

Q: What automobile should I buy? Jeep Grand Cherokee, VW GTI or Golf, PT Cruiser, or BMW 323i?
I live in the lovely city of Chicago so its a little bit crazy because its snows, rains, and its really windy. Also there's a lot of traffic and I just drive downtown and around the neighborhood. I also have many girlfriends that will get in my car lol. I would like to know which one is cheap to maintain and is good quality. THE CAR WILL BE USED (2001-2004)

A: You also should compare car insurance quotes for cars before buying one, for example here -

Q: I live in chicago and I want to do i get to cantonberry mall in harvey using public transportation?
All i know is that it is in markham harvey, IL...I dont have a car yet so i need to know how to get there using public transportation...If anyone can tell me what time the buses stop running out there it would also be a heap of help..Thanks!!

A: Use this website to plan your trip. =)

Q: Traveling to Chicago with small child?
Will be in Chicago in the near future with my wife and small child ( 1 year old). Are they any places that rent out strollers? Also, I have a reservation for a car and one for a shuttle to and from the airport. Should I keep the car if we don't plan on leaving the city limits or just take the shuttle to the hotel and use the CTA while were in the city?
Yea, I need one of those umbrella strollers. Might keep the car just in case.

A: Unless you know the city well, driving is a real pain. The CTA buses and trains provide excellent service with very little waiting anywhere. you can get a map from their website if you like, or when you get to Chicago. I found it far better to use the CTA or an occasional cab. Taking your own umbrella stroller is a great idea...or even buy an inexpensive one when you get there if you do not want to have to bring one on the plane.

Q: I want to turn my garage into an apartment. What do I need to do or know?
I know a guy who lived in a garage that had been turned into an apartment. It was big enough for a one bedroom apartment. We have a double car garage and barely use it. We live in Chicago if the that helps.

A: you need to know your are going to need permits

Q: where is the train station or more near in palatine 60074, IL?
i want to go to chicago downtown using the train, i wish to left my car in the station cuz i want to move free in downtown and the parking spaces are too please!

A: You'd have to go to the Palatine Metra Station which is at 137 W. Wood, Palatine, IL (847-359-0043) and runs on the Union Pacific Northwest (UP-NW) line (this line runs often, including weekends). If you go on the weekend, you can get a $5 weekend pass (unlimited rides all weekend for $5). Otherwise, it's zone F to zone A and costs $4.75 each way for an adult.

Q: Cheapest car insurance in Chicago? Please help.?
I just need the most basic blah insurance for the used vehicle i just purchased for the "ChicagoLand/ChiTown" area. The cheapest is the bestest. I am a single woman age 27 with no tickets or wrecks on my history in the last 5 years or more. And I live in Evanston. Please tell me which is the cheapest-pretty pretty please. Thank you!!!
Thanks everyone

A: i pay 336.00 for liability for 12 months-with a not so good record - esco ins. agency - drive a old bmw.

Q: Chicago knife laws and self defence?
Hello, I want to know how the laws in Chicago see carrying and using a knife in self defence. From what I know it's ok to carry a folder knife but I have no idea how it would be seen if said knife is used in self defence.

Is it ok to have a knife of legal size on you in stores or on the train?

And if you must know than I want to carry a knife only to protect myself from my mothers ex who we have a withstraining order against. He has a record and after he got out of jail for slashing my mothers tires he started throwing bricks at our windows, her car (well she was driving), left threatening calls and the cops can't seem to find him or come fast enuff when she calls.

I have seen him out-side recently on my way to/ from school and he has expressed that he may come after me.

that link has all the states knife laws

Q: Is Boston a better move than Chicago?

I'm considering relocating from NJ to either chicago or boston. I've never been to either place yet. I won't have a car there so the cities I can move to (excusing NYC) are limited without needing a car. How is the pub. trans. system there without a car? Also, I keep hearing chicago is so segregated, etc. I'm really used to being around and befriending MANY different races and not blinking an eye. How is it in Boston for minorities and which areas are "mixed" with people and also safe? How much does rent go for, one bedroom, one bath? Any other details. Thanks.
** I have car, can't stand driving it. Where ever I move I want to get rid of it before I go.

A: Ok you will want to move to Boston. I live in Boston and I am 26 lived here all my life. T accessible and Bus accessible. The T is what we call the subway here in Boston.

If you do choose Boston you will want to live right outisde the city, because it is wicked expensive to live in the city unless you have a few roommates that live with you.

For great cities outside Boston that are wicked close you may want to try Cambridge or Somerville. I live in Somerville and it is a great place to live and literally 5min outside Boston. Cambridge and Somerville are both safe and T and bus accessible. You save money on gas by comming here and there is so much more to do in the city and north and south of the city.

I know right now a one Bedroom in Somerville is at least $1000 a month.

Q: what do i need to do to report my van damaged by a water pipe breaking?
i live in from of a park and 2 days ago a pipe busted from the park and flooded our whole street on saturday night. sunday morning, we all awoke to about 10 cars, including my van that i use to transport my 10 year old son to school and he's in a wheelchair,frozen into about 10inches of ice. the van had to be towed the next day to the mechanic and probably is damaged due to the flood and then the ice. i want to file a report or something so that the city of chicago can pay to get my van fixed. i'm not sure what to do to do that. if anyone can help me and advise what steps to take, it would be appreciated.

A: i feel sorry for you in adelaide australia about 16yrs ago pipe busted destroyed a house and noone paid up

Q: does parkin pass for 6 flags cover every six flags? And can i use it n like a rental car or my bestfriends?
If I buy the parking pass at Six Flags St. Louis in my car. Then go up to Six Flags in Chicago in my cousins car. Will my pass work?

A: You season parking pass WILL work. It doesn't matter what car you're in or if it is in a rental car. Season parking passes work at every Six Flags amusement park in North America. (They are only in North America)

Q: Will my car do better stored or continually used?
I'm leaving for school in Chicago this fall (I live about 50 miles away and can use the train as transportation). Hence I will have no need for my car (2003 Malibu). This car has to last me past college (I will be considered a sophomore). My older sister believes it'll remain in better condition if it is used when I'm gone (she and my little sister intend to use it).
However, I disagree and believe if it's in our garage and used on occasion when I'm home, that it'll fair better then being continually put through use and nature over the years. I'm not an auto expert, but that's my opinion.

A: Your car doesn't need as much use as your sister probably has in mind in order to keep it in good shape.

I would:

Tell your sister, "sorry Sis, better get your own car"
Disconnect the negative battery terminal as others have said.
Put some Stabil gasoline stabilzer in the tank - that should keep the gas fresh (enough) for at least a year.
Not worry about the oil going bad, not gonna happen.
Start the car every chance you get, or get a trusted friend to start it up for you and drive it around a little about once a month to keep the tires from sitting on the same spot continually and keep all the seals happy.
Forget about putting it up on blocks or anything - not necessary.
Take note of the mileage on it - self-explanatory.
Make sure there are no spare keys floating around.
Get a cover for it if it's not going to be garaged.
Consider getting a trickle charger for the battery - solar if it's going to be outside, small electric one if it's inside.
"Critter-proof" the air intake.
Keep the gas tank FULL. Air in the tank will absorb moisture and continually deposit water into the tank as it condenses.
Add some dry-gas to the tank to help take care of the water that WILL collect in the tank. In fact, start using dry-gas now to make sure it doesn't start its storage session with water sitting in the tank.

Good luck in school.

Q: i have no idea which car to buy. help ):?
geez talk about the pressure of buying a used car for your first car. i kind of have an idea of what to look for but im not for sure.
out of these cars which one would i be better off going for?

A: Malibu out of all the choices.

I don't like any of them though.

Q: Tollway Laws and restrictions in Chicago?
Soo I just moved to Chicago with a Nevada license plate and I believe I have passed through the Tollways in Chicago a few times without knowing what they are and paying them.

It has not been a week yet, and I wanted to go online and pay them online. However, I don't even know when I passed one for the specific date and time and I don't even know if I have actually passed one that I was required to pay. Oh and I also don't know if I have, which one have I passed and how much do I owe :( I am pretty sure I have seen them several times all over the city, but for actually getting charged, I'm not sure!

Bottom line is I have no idea what I have done, how much I owe, and what are the possible consequences of not paying them off.

The car again is registered to Nevada and not under my name. I will be using it in Chicago for another 4 years though. I really want to pay these before it adds up to too much and before I get fined for it.

Please share with me all you know about the Tollway laws in Chicago since I don't dare to call themselves to ask. They might tell me I must pay it for their own benefit and in reality I might not have to since I am registered out of state!

Thank you!

A: Go here:,2008701&_dad=portal&_schema=PORTAL

Q: How to make a Floridan car survive in the cold?

So I just moved to Chicago from Orlando.

I know I need to get the oil changed, and do something about the tires, but is there anything else I need to do before it gets cold here? Any other fluids? What fluids use antifreeze up north?

My car and I have only survived in the extreme heat of Florida, and I don't know how to prepare for the snowy weather.

thanks for any help!

A: I made the opposite move 4 years ago. I would just make sure that all fluids that are due for a change are changed, especially the coolant. Also get your battery tested. Other than that you should be ok.